Upcoming meetings:

26th September 2019

Breaking down barriers in Mental Health


  • Dr Nadia Dabbah,  Consultant Psychiatrist, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health Authority
  • Dr Charushila Thadani, Director of Health Services, AETNA International
  • Dr Sarah Carter,  Clinical Services Manager, CBT Clinics
  • Dr Sarah Rasmi, Clinical Psychologist, Thrive Wellbeing
  • Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director, Dubai Science Park

Previous meetings:

20th June 2019

How 3D Printing is Transforming Health


  • Dr Mohammad Al Redha, Director of The Executive Office for Organizational Transformation , Dubai Health Authority, “How the UAE is placed for adoption of 3D printing”
  • Dr Franziska Fuchs, Business Development Manager Humaneering & Healthcare, EOS GmbH, “Potentials for 3D Printing in medical”
  • Peter Malkin, Vice President International Business Development, Aetrex Worldwide, “Turning math, science and technology into foot health”
  • Julian Callanan, Founder and Managing Director, Sinterex, “Medical 3D Printing processes and applications”
  • Dr Matthias Honl, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Burjeel Hospital, “Examples of 3D printing in the UAE – Case study”


18th April 2019

Health Systems: Who Pays for Health?


  • Margaret Faux, Founder and CEO, Synapse Medical Services “Searching for health system utopia. A global perspective”
  • Kandarp Thakkar, Chief Pharmacist, King’s College Hospital London “Quality, Safety and Efficiency – Does it matter who pays?”
  • Joe Hawayek, Business Development Director, AETNA “Why health insurers deny claims. It’s a matter of trust.”
  • Stephan Stauffer, General Manager, Arabian Ethicals “Paying the Price for an Insufficient Supply Chain”
  • Elie Tohme, Consultant, Dubai Health Authority “Mandatory, employer based health insurance. Why this was the model of choice for the UAE.”

21st February 2019
Value Based Healthcare


  • Dr Mohamed Farghaly, Director of Health Insurance Policy and Health Economics, Dubai Health Authority
  • Kasem Akhras, Government Affairs and Market Access Director, AstraZeneca
  • Kandarp Thakkar, Chief Pharmacist, King’s College Hospital Dubai
  • Bhawani Bhatnagar, Manager Medical Quality and Performance, Daman Insurance
  • Albert Berry, Vice President for Connected Health, Arbour Group
  • Marwan Abdulaziz, Managing Director, Dubai Science Park

6th December 2018
Health & Wellness for Disease Prevention


  • Dr Fatheya Al Awadi, Head of Endocrinology, Dubai Hospital
  • Sven Rohte, Chief Commerical Officer, Daman Insurance
  • Michael Davis, Chief Operating Officer, NMC Healthcare
  • Dilesh Bhimjiani, Chief Technology Officer, SwitchDXB
  • Kara Watson, Events Director, Dubai Fitness Challenge, DTCM

25th October 2018
Telemedicine in the evolving healthcare landscape

  • Dr Mohammed Al Redha, Dubai Health Authority
  • Brian de Francesca, Ver2 Digital Medicine
  • Charlie Barlow, Health at Hand
  • Andrea Tithecott, Al Tamimi
  • Reza Kazemipour, inui-Health

29th August 2018
Addressing Challenges in Rare Diseases

  • Gavin Jones, OPEN Health
  • Dr Fatma Al Jasmi, UAE Rare Disease Association

16th April 2018
Dubai Health Investments and PPP’s Strategy 2017-2020
Dr Ibtesam Al Bastaki, Dubai Health Authority