Advance Health: The Future of UAE Provider Care

The Advance Health networking series convened on Friday, 9th December 2022, to discuss the Future of UAE Provider Care and the pivotal role of the UAE hospital sector in driving excellence in patient care. This session brought together leading stakeholders to discuss how UAE healthcare providers have adapted to the changing demands of the healthcare market, and how they can continue to innovate for the future.


  • David Hadley, CEO, Mediclinic Middle East
  • Dr Roula Hammoud, Chief Medical Officer, Clemenceau Medical Center
  • Brian de Francesca, Director of Operations, Al Jalila Foundation
  • Sarah Hariz,Policy and Government Affairs Lead – MENAT, Organon (Moderator)

Advance Health: The Future of UAE Healthcare

The Advance Health networking series convened on Friday, 21st October 2022 at Dubai Science Park to discuss the evolving landscape of healthcare in the UAE. The event brought together leading stakeholders from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to discuss the strategic priorities and advances that make the healthcare sector a key pillar of business, innovation, and opportunity in the UAE.


  • Dr Nahed AbdulKhaleq Monsef, Director of Strategy & Governance Department, Dubai Health Authority 
  • Dr Omar Najim, Director of Executive Affairs and Special Projects office, Abu Dhabi Department of Health
  • Dr Ali Alessandro Ayach, Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal
  • Marwan Abdulaziz, Senior Vice President, Dubai Science Park (Moderator)

Advance Health: Data Driven Care – The Digital Promise

The Advance Health networking series convened on Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, at Dubai Science Park to discuss “Data-Driven Care: The Digital Promise,” bringing together international healthcare stakeholders to discuss the value of accurate healthcare data and the current landscape in the UAE and abroad.


  • Gary Hogan, Health Manager at Health Centre of Excellence
  • Ian Halliday, Consul General Dubai at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)
  • Dr Osama Elhassan, Medical Director at Dubai Health Authority
  • Dr Margaret Faux, Chief Executive Officer at Synapse Medical Services
  • Michael Schelper, Chief Executive Officer at Avano, and Adjunct Professor, Mohamed bin Rashid University
  • John Cavanagh, Deputy Consul General and Trade Commissioner at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) (Moderator)

The session was kindly sponsored by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

Advance Health: The future of Biotech R&D in the UAE

The Advance Health networking series convened on 20th May 2022 to discuss “The Future of Biotech R&D in the UAE” to explore how the UAE is driving innovation from within to improve healthcare locally, regionally, and globally.


  • Dr Nadine Tacha, Medical Director, Pfizer Gulf
  • Dr Hemad Yasaei, Dubai Genetics Center, Pathology and Genetics Department, Dubai Health Authority
  • Dr Aaron Han, Chief Medical Officer at Alliance Care Technologies, and Adjunct Professor, Mohamed bin Rashid University
  • Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director, Dubai Science Park

Advance Health: Advancing the Health of Women

The Advance Health networking series recently convened with key healthcare stakeholders and key opinion leaders in the UAE to explore the challenges and unmet needs in women’s healthcare, with a view to addressing the inequalities in healthcare provision.

The panel discussed the impact of the pandemic on gender equality and in relation to women’s health. They also discussed the  unmet needs, issues, and gaps around key healthcare issues for women. The panel explored the reasons behind the disparity and the opportunities that are being presented.


  • Noha Hefny, Founder & CEO, People of Impact
  • Sophie Smith, Founder & CEO, Nabta Health
  • Noha Salem, Executive Director, Global Public Policy, Organon 
  • Pamela Durrant, Founder & Managing Director, Certified Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Coach
  • Dr Sarah Rasmi, Managing Director & Owner, Thrive Wellbeing Centre
  • Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director, Dubai Science Park