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This year as part of Arab Health 2019, Dubai Science Park will be hosting an event of networking and sharing of best practices. Held at The Bubble Lounge in the Sheikh Rashid Hall of the Dubai World Trade Centre, it will follow Wednesday’s events at Arab Health 2019.

This event is open to any representatives from the Sciences industry, including: Healthcare, Life Sciences, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Environment, Medicine, Wellness, Food Sciences and Pharmaceuticals. Dubai Science Park will be bringing a team of experts and analysts for a series of open group discussions to help your organisation. The reception will be divided into 4 zones that are open to all representatives or organisations in the Sciences sector. Representatives of Advance Health partners, Synapse Medical Services and Connect Communications will also be in attendance.

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This will be an exciting opportunity for you and your colleagues to find out more about the growing Healthcare and Sciences sector in Dubai.

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Preventative Measures and Positive Lifestyle Changes can pose as a Cost-Effective Solution to Tackle Non-Communicable Diseases

Press Release

Latest edition of Dubai Science Park’s Advance Health networking event highlights importance of wellness for overall health

All video and photographs courtesy of Dubai Science Park

 Dubai-UAE: 6th December, 2018 Dubai Science Park (DSP), a holistic science-focused business community, hosted its fourth Advance Health meeting under the theme ‘Health and Wellness for Disease Prevention’. The networking event convened stakeholders from Dubai’s healthcare community to discuss ways of reducing the occurrence of non-communicable lifestyle-related diseases in the country.

The forum was organised by DSP in partnership with Open Health, a medical communication and market access agency, Synapse Medical Services, a healthcare administration company, and Connect Communications, a strategic healthcare communications agency.


Welcoming the audience, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director of DSP and Chairing Member of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, said: “While people across the UAE are becoming increasingly health-conscious, we still have one of the largest populations that suffers from non-communicable diseases, including cancer, obesity and diabetes. From a financial perspective, investing in preventative measures is much more cost-efficient than treating those diseases, and the promotion of simple lifestyle changes can have a significant impact.

“The latest edition of our Advance Health event brings together stakeholders from the health and wellness industry to exchange insights on how we can become healthier and prevent such diseases before they develop”, he added.


Speaking at the event, Dr Fatheya Al Awadi, Head of Endocrinology at Dubai Hospital, DHA said: “The UAE Vision 2021 emphasises the importance of preventive measures to ensure a longer and healthier life for the country’s citizens. To help achieve this goal, we need to employ an inclusive approach with a stark focus on Dubai’s large at risk population recognizing that Dubai has a largely young population with high prevalence of pre-diabetes and/or obesity. Most of this can indeed be prevented, when all stakeholders come together to ensure we have a comprehensive plan for those at risk. This will indeed empower UAE residents to make the right lifestyle choices”


Marcus Corander, Managing Director of Connect Communications, added, “Lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have profound effects on the health and wellbeing of patients, and place a significant burden on healthcare resources. The Advance Health session provided some great insights on the approaches required to achieve a healthier and happier population and it’s clear that we need collaboration from all stakeholders if we are going to make a meaningful difference.”

Other speakers and panelists included Dr Sven Rohte, Chief Commercial Officer at Daman, Michael Davis, Chief Operating Officer at NMC Healthcare, Kara Watson, Events Director for Dubai Fitness Challenge at the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and Dilesh Bhimjiani, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Switch DXB.

Dubai Science Park regularly hosts leading industry events that gather industry experts to discuss topics related to science, healthcare, energy and the environment. The Advance Health series aims to promote collaboration between stakeholders in order to confer solutions to impact the regions developing healthcare sector.

The upcoming fifth edition of Advance Health will focus on Value Based Healthcare and will take place on January 24th, 2019.


Telemedicine has potential to take UAE healthcare to next level: Advance Health Expert panel

Latest edition of Dubai Science Park’s healthcare networking event highlights role of telehealth in enhancing patient experience

(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

As reported in Zawya

Press Release
Dubai, UAE – Dubai Science Park, a science- and healthcare-focused business community, hosted the third forum as part of its Advance Health networking platform under the theme ‘Telemedicine in the evolving healthcare landscape’. The forum convened leading industry experts to discuss how telemedicine can advance the healthcare sector in Dubai and the wider UAE.

Dubai Science Park organised the event in partnership with Open Health, a medical communication and market access agency, Synapse Medical Services, a healthcare administration company, and Connect Communications, a strategic healthcare communications agency.

Distinguished panellists from the regulatory domain included Dr Mohammad AlRedha, Director of Health Informatics & Smart Health Department & Project Management Office at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and Andrea Tithecott, Partner in the Regulatory Practice and Head of the Healthcare Group at Al Tamimi & Company. Among the telemedicine specialists on the panel were Reza Kazemipour, Co-chief Executive Officer of inui Health, Charlie Barlow, Founder and CEO of Health at Hand, and Brian de Francesca, Chief Executive Officer of Ver2 Digital Medicine.

(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

Welcoming the delegates to the networking event, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director of Dubai Science Park and Chairing Member of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, said: “Telemedicine has the potential to transform our healthcare system in unimaginable ways. It has given us remote access to primary care doctors and specialists, saving transportation time and expense. In addition to offering patients greater convenience, telemedicine is improving healthcare outcomes, such as early detection, diagnosis and treatment. It truly has revolutionised the UAE’s healthcare landscape.”

(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

Dr Mohammad AlRedha reviewed the findings of a recent DHA research report that suggests that worldwide revenue for telehealth devices and services will reach US$4.5 billion by end-2018. Meanwhile, the number of users is expected to rise to seven million globally, with 60 per cent of millennials expressing an interest in telehealth services.

Providing a legal perspective on the innovative healthcare segment, Andrea Tithecott said: “Dubai’s health regulator is building upon the existing legislative framework and is working on developing and implementing comprehensive regulations to manage technology-led telehealth services that will help traditional brick-n-mortar facilities and telemedicine providers to ensure patient safety, as well as quality of care.

(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

“We expect to see further guidance issued through mandatory standards when providing telemedicine services, such as complying with operational procedures and policies, and fulfilling the patient’s needs through supporting continuous medical care. We also expect to see that insurance payors will be required to include access to telemedicine services as part of insurance benefit packages and by working with the regulator and service-providers, to encourage appropriate utilisation of such services, which will reduce the healthcare cost burden over the long term.”

Thom Soutter, Business Development Director at Synapse Medical Services, said, “We were delighted by the turnout and feedback for this event. The content was fascinating as the experts in the region covered a broad spectrum of thoughts on Telemedicine from different areas of the sector. We want Advance Health to be engaging, informative and to connect leaders in their field. This event certainly did that and every delegate left with a better idea of the innovative solutions available in the region and why they are so important. We look forward to our next event.”

Dubai Science Park regularly convenes leading industry events dedicated to the science, healthcare, energy and environment sectors. The next Advance Health networking event is set to take place in December on the topic of ‘Health & Wellness for Disease Prevention’.

(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

Dubai Science Park Raises Focus on Rare Diseases During Expert Panel


(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

As reported in MENA Herald

Dubai Science Park, a science-focused business community, hosted its second Advance Health networking event in partnership with OPEN Health, a medical communications and market access agency, Synapse Medical Services, a healthcare administration company, and Connect Communications, a strategic healthcare communications agency, to address the latest developments in rare diseases.

Attending the event as part of an expert panel discussion were Dr Fatma Al Bastaki, Board Member at UAE Rare Disease Society and Consultant Pediatrician at Dubai Health Authority, Dr Fatma Al Jasmi, Member of UAE Rare Disease Society, Consultant at Tawam Hospital, and Associate Professor at UAE University, Ashraf Salama, Head of GCC and Yemen at Sanofi Genzyme, Manar Al Nahar, Middle East Country Manager at Alexion and Gavin Jones, Director of Rare Diseases at OPEN Health.


(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

Welcoming the networking opportunity for industry professionals, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director of Dubai Science Park and Chairing Member of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, said: “With rare diseases, it is imperative to build a strong communication network among industry players and raise greater awareness about the various conditions and treatments. As part of its commitment, Dubai Science Park prioritises the contribution of its expertise to the rare disease landscape. Following the signing of our agreement with Sanofi in 2017, we have launched several working groups to help assess the current rare disease landscape in the UAE, and look at ways in which the conditions can be effectively tackled.”


(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

Dr Fatma Al Jasmi mentioned that the incidence of rare diseases in the region is markedly high. Key challenges in rare diseases include delayed diagnosis, inadequate diagnostic facilities, and coverage of treatments.

Dr Fatma Al Jasmi.png

(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)

The panel discussion highlighted some of the progress to date, including a newborn screening program to facilitate detection of certain rare diseases. The panel highlighted the critical need for all of the stakeholders to work together to address these challenges and reduce the burden of rare diseases.

Sahar Samara, Managing Director of OPEN Health Dubai, said: “Improving patient outcomes in rare diseases is a priority within the healthcare sector. This informative and engaging meeting provided rich insights into how we can make meaningful progress on this front in the UAE. Collaboration between all stakeholders is essential if we are to make a difference.”

Dubai Science Park periodically hosts thought leadership events that connect decision-makers from the government, academia and industry for the benefit of the residents. The destination’s upcoming flagship event, the 10th Green Leadership Series that seeks to promote a sustainable and low-carbon future.


(image courtesy of Dubai Science Park)